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Hello to all wives and brides!

Alexey and Olga

It’s been almost a year since our wedding, and I decided to write a report. Thanks to the pints of other brides and wives. Well, take tea/coffee/cocoa/cookies – the story will be a long story


If a girl, a girl dreams of a wedding, it is about the ideal – right? And in most cases, the celebration seems to be a luxurious ball, where the bride – the most real and the most beautiful princess in a luxurious lush white dress dances with the groom in a tuxedo in the middle of a large hall, and around are guests and with admiration can only clap and wipe away tears of delight. That’s what I wanted. It’s like that at 17. And then I quickly got out of this majority. Not on purpose, so it happened. By the time I was 23 or 24, I was determined that there would be no wedding! No guests staring at me and discussing how diluted was the juice and why Olivier was bitter at the banquet (By the way, don’t think, I love traditional weddings, all the ransoms/caravai/banquets/registry office, but….exclusively as a guest.

Speaking of that very question. It was my other wife’sbirthday. I sit quietly, i am nitis a salad, and then still inacherhe pulls out the ring and begins the speech, at the end of which sounds an offer to become a wife. What am I doing? I squeal with joy, I cry with happiness, I say, of course, YES. It’s not. My reaction is that I’m waiting for a salad, can I finish? What I get – well, you’re at least put on a ring.

In fact, at such a beautiful moment, we came to the need to somehow celebrate the creation of a new family. We are Lesha and Olga. Two completely incompatible people, whose common interests can be counted on the fingers of one hand, and then the free will remain. The idea of a wedding abroad came as a light at the end of the tunnel, because I really wanted to do nothing. For someone else to do it, and I just came like this in a beautiful dress, took a picture – and left. Spoiler – almost so it was.

Preparing briefly

What do first people who decide to have a wedding abroad do? That’s right, they’re looking for an organizer. What are we doing? That’s right, nothing. And we’re looking for rings. By the way, we do it long and methodically. Five months, I think. It was complicated by the fact that I was very shy in the shops to ask for wedding rings. In the end, they found it. The only size in the city is the right kind. Two months later came the realization that it is necessary to book the site. You need an organizer to do that. And if with the second everything was simple, then the platform (by the way, we chose Villa Irini) on the desired date was occupied. From the word at all. In almost 11 months!!! No, there was a time at 12.00, but I think everyone has a good idea of what 12.00 is in the southern country in July – it’s just to melt and landslide down to the sea. So it was decided to take the next date. So, the ceremony is scheduled for 7.7.17 at 17.30. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? After that, the most active preparation began. Who am I kidding? In the autumn tickets were taken, in February the hotel was booked, preparations began when I woke up one spring morning, read a message on this forum that the wedding had already taken place with one of the brides and realized that we are not ready for anything. From the word at all. The aaaaaaa urgently order the dress of the shoes.

Learn more about training and odes to contractors

Organizer Frankly, there were no long hesitations in choosing. She wrote to the agency Yulia Veselova, received in a letter of contact Julia, who lives and works in our city. It must be said that I am ready to sing odes to Ole endlessly.

From the moment we first met to our departure from the island, I received a detailed answer. How many thousands of words of doubt and hesitation about contractors read Julia – can not convey. Since I was delaying the preparation to the last, Julia wrote to me, asked questions about the organization, it seems. worried about our ceremony more than we did.

Looking forward, I will say that Julia is not only in love with Santorini, easily instilled this love in us. When we first arrived, the island didn’t impress me at all. As we were driving from the airport to Akrotiri, I looked out the window at the white houses, reminding me of the sheds and thought- well, all, sailed. Wedding in the village. Why would I do that? But then Julia took over us, absolutely unobtrusively compiling a tour program. All 10 days on the island I wrote to Ole on any question and received answers. In general, we have already left with absolutely firm intention to return again.

I will write about the day of the preliminary meeting two days before the ceremony. The agency’s office was easy to find. Let’s be frank, it’s very hard to get lost in Santorini. When we flew in, late, though slightly, we were already waiting for Julia. It was very nice that we were treated with juice, and before leaving Julia took us to the bar to show the most famous among the newlyweds Santorini cat Tigris. Even before our flight to Greece, Julia collected everything we discussed in one file, attaching a photo from the correspondence. It was very convenient, because it was immediately visible what to expect, and where we misunderstood each other, it was possible to correct everything in advance and bring in line with the picture, formed in the head. Therefore, by the time of our meeting there are no questions left. We discussed in great detail all-all organizational moments, we were told about all the features of the chosen restaurant, immediately ordering a table, recorded for a manicure, which was useless to do in St. Petersburg, and after the meeting Julia took to the laundry to give to steam the dress and the slash shirt. Attention to our people was a lot, a lot, but for some reason there was an impression that with this approach everything should pass just fine, no excitement about the organization was not. I must say that the forebodings have not been deceived!


I don’t even remember looking for and choosing a stylist. Just saw live, sincere, not puppet work and fell in love. The author of the works was Julia Popova.

In addition to the golden handles, Juli has an amazing ability to set the mood and calm down. Agree, the stylist – the first assistant, which the bride sees on the wedding day. And it is very important that the morning of the bride passed on the positive and without nerves, it depends on whether you will enjoy your day or worry about any little things. So Julia just easily explains that the most important thing is already happening and you need to enjoy what is happening.


Oh, how much doubt there was. Sergey Drobotenko’s works are the first to be hooked. Composition, color correction, original angles – what distinguishes Sergei’s work from the rest. As everyone knows, when communicating with any person there are features. And the peculiarities of communication with Seryozha I oh as did not like because of my character. Honestly, I was willing to kill and run to another photographer. I don’t know what the strength to thank, but it’s lucky I didn’t do either. To be honest, on the day of the ceremony I was very worried about how the dialogue with the photographer would develop. Vain. Seryozha is very easy to communicate, tells you what to do, where to look, and still knows a bunch of unexplored trails, allowing you to bypass the crowds of tourists. Not without pleasant bonuses: Seryozha himself drove a car and drove us after shooting to the restaurant, and also held a small photo shoot on the beach. And, of course, the most important thing is the result. To say that we and our relatives are delighted – to say nothing) At the end of the advice – necessarily, no MUST say what you want to see in the photo. For example, we don’t have large photos of printing. And almost no one in my morning before I put on my wedding dress. And all because she did not ask, and the photographer – not a telepath.


With this question we dragged to the last. The videographer didn’t get into the budget in any way. But, as the parents were not with us, I really wanted to show them how the wedding day went. I have been looking for those who were ready to replenish the portfolio of shooting on the island and just give us the sources. Whether human greed does its own (asked for a few days of accommodation, pay for all days, or laziness (if something happens, we will give you a clip, but in a year, but to my happiness, we did not take a videographer without a license. Shooting full-time we absolutely did not need (what to shoot if we just jump on the roofs and pose for a photo?), and the film when shooting less than 8 hours did not want to do no one.

And so, when I was completely upset, a miracle happened. I wrote to Olga Toka without any hope. and she said she could make a movie for us when shooting six hours. I don’t remember writing to her that I didn’t care about the music video at all, but I said for sure that the main thing was to convey the mood of the day in the film. You won’t believe it, but it was not just 100, but all 200. The music and video series are just perfect. Olga and Vyacheslav I am very grateful for the fact that we went to meet when we slightly misunderstood each other. We had a plan to shoot the morning-walk-ceremony-sunset. And I really wanted to video both morning and end of the day. Well, that’s what I wrote in the query. And already a couple of weeks before the day X it turned out that I did not report about the walk, the shooting of which did not fit into the paid 6 hours. And all the time shooting Olga helped a lot with things – to hold, correct, to prick. It saved a lot of time! The distinctive feature of Olga and Vyacheslav is that they are absolutely invisible in the work. At the end of the day I thought that the video would not work at all because of the lack of material. Fortunately, the fact that I was wrong, it turned out very soon. The clip and the film were sent to us two months after the wedding. Whereas the contract spelled out 4 or 5. It’s not just up to deadline, it’s incredibly fast!

Dress, costume and more for images

What does every second bride do first? In most cases – a shopping race and fitting a bunch of dresses. But, apparently, I belong to every first, because the dress was taken up back-to-back, a little more than two months before the flight. Before that, I honestly went to the fitting three or four times, but to choose something from the dresses suitable to me price category was unrealistic. All dresses cheaper than 40,000 looked as if they were sewn with closed eyes made of fabric, which more resembled a thin glue and lace from a thin line instead of cotton. It’s creepy. And to give a round sum for the dress for one time well I was not ready. I found a way out – a dress to order. Not without adventures, and not without nerves the dress was sewn for quite a reasonable amount. Separately, I note that the dress was made of natural viscose, that a very hot July day allowed me to feel completely comfortable.

Suit. We searched for a very long time, because they wanted without a lining, that the first day of family life was not the last for the groom. But found that jacket of such a hue that it is impossible to pick up trousers, then ideal, but three sizes larger … As a result, Lesha by willful decision bought a suit made of thin material and steadfastly passed in it the whole wedding day.

Veil. Well, if you’ve come to this forum and read my report, you probably know how much the veil in the store costs. A lot. And long – indecently much. That’s why I collected the veil myself in the evening before the wedding. Believe me, in any salon you can not find a veil of 2 to 3 meters at a price cheaper than 500 rubles. And I had just such a huge.

Shoes. Even when I wasn’t going to get married at all, I thought I’d spend my wedding day in dance shoes. Whoever wore them at least once will understand why. So I quickly bought shoes for the standard and put them on with stones.

Bouquet. It is easy to assume that a rare bouquet will live to the ceremony with a nuclear mixture of scorching sun, the strongest wind and the bride throwing it everywhere in pursuit of beautiful photos. That’s why I had a double bouquet. The usual artificial bouquet with AliExpress. Serves me still faithfully as a background detail on subject photos.

Decoration. Oh, the first thing I did was order a piece of jewelry on my head from a lady from Yekaterinburg. It is so self-sufficient that in the end there was a situation when not an accessory was chosen under the dress, and the dress was chosen for it.

The stylist’s willful decision in the morning was wearing earrings. Pretty laconic, silver.

The dress for the morning was simple, white. The picture below is a stopframe from the video.


And again miss with the photo, and sorry. From printing we had a save the date card and letter exchange sheets. Made their bride of 2017 Ksusha, for which she just a huge thank you. To be honest, I couldn’t explain to any designer what I needed. And Ksusha was able to make to the impossibility stylish cards that will take its place of honor on the first page of the wedding album.

I won’t write about the choice of hotels. I will say that on Calder it was Smaro Studios, and in Kamari Narkissos. The choice was never regretted.

Day of the ceremony

When I opened my eyes at 8.30am, looking through the glass doors at this view, I thought I just wanted the morning to be endless. It’s perfect to lie around and look at the volcano. But it was necessary to prepare for the arrival of July. Fortunately, I gathered everything necessary for the ceremony from the evening, following the numerous advice of the brides.

The hotel had just an amazing breakfast. We wisely snare him completely. Prudently – because the next time ate already in the restaurant (not counting a piece of cake on the site).

Julia came at the appointed time, second in a second and began… No, not for the cause, but to persuade me to leave loose hair. Initially, I wanted such a hairstyle, but I was all dissuaded. And so, when I have already come to terms with the need for a beam – it turned out that Ole they are tired of collecting every day and want a new one. Well, I must say, I didn’t have to talk for a long time. I was repeatedly done wedding hairstyles and make-up at work, so I did not expect anything special. But the result surprised me pleasantly.

When Julia was finishing work, Olga and Vyacheslav and Seryozha came and started shooting the details and the groom’s morning.

When I saw the photos and videos sent, I was horrified – where my dress didn’t hang. What you can’t do for the frames.

When Julia finished with my training camp – went to shoot the first meeting. The heat, the sun is baking, the stairs, which I’m afraid of – what I remember from this moment. Oh, this is one of the coolest experiences of the day – something that the groom remembered.

We also wrote letters to each other. I advise you to do it. Swearing is good, but writing something personal that you only understand is priceless.

At this point we said goodbye to Olga and Vyacheslav before the ceremony, and we went for a walk in Iu.

When I in doubt asked Yuli where it is better to shoot a walk – on the roofs of Imeregli or in Ye, she no doubt replied that once he shoots Seryozha – then in Ye, because he knows the magical places. I listened to Yulya and did not regret it. Seryozha really took us in short paths bypassing the crowds of tourists. And where we stayed – there were no people. At all. It feels like we were not in the most touristy, but in a completely secluded place. Another tick in favor of the right choice of photographer. And Seryozha had a cafe, where after a tiresome run on the stairs we were able to drink a cold and very tasty milkshake. Perhaps it saved me from heatstroke. By the way, not far from the cafe was made my favorite photo.

Well and a lot of beautiful photos from the walk Absolute most photo in glasses. The sun made so much that even the magical “open your eyes to the count of three” did not work. But we look like special agents.

From Ai, we went to the playground. Seryozha ran away to take pictures of views and details, and we had time to relax a little and cool down after running around the sun. Julia came, said that the mayor was detained and handed a live bouquet. By the way, the bouquet is my only pain for the wedding. I really, really wanted to be a snoof. But, unfortunately, such a concept on the island is not known. Or they do, but for a lot of money. In general, dishevelledness was achieved with olive and eucalyptus twigs. But the color was just to the point. Seryozha very carefully removed the entire decor of the site, for which I am extremely grateful. Speaking of decor. Julia asked a hundred times what decor I want to see, what and where should stand even with sketches On what I listed, what I would like to see, and otherwise relied on the taste of Julia. I didn’t. The playground looked be-zu-prech-no.

So the mayor came, and Julia invited us to the playground. As Lesha came out – I did not see, as all my attention was given to the, who tried to break into the site. And then the music started, and they called me. In my head there were two thoughts – how not to run, to stretch the moment and as if not to fall on terribly slippery steps. I must say, both tasks were accomplished to cheers.

The mayor greeted us and began his speech. Then there’s the failure. All events have been restored only thanks to photos and videos. It seems that Lesha was extremely pleased with what was happening and enjoyed the moment. But I was nervous, shaking, shy of the cameras, my eyes were running, and I read my vows very quickly and confusingly. In general, behaved disgustingly.

But then there was a moment that defused the situation. Before the ceremony, Seryozha asked us to slowly put on the rings and sign to have time to remove everything. Now, the ring fundamentally refused to be put on my finger. That’s where you could make a few hundred frames.

Then there was champagne, congratulations to Julia, an amazing cake with layers of ice cream. And then we turned our backs on everyone to look at the views and remember the first moments of a new life.

Time on the court was coming to an end. To reality we were returned to a magical moment – showering rose petals.

Then we danced our dance twice and went on to the heart of Santorini. It’s a magical place: you dive into your heart and you find yourself over a cliff. And if you go down a little, you’ll end up at a nice little chapel.

When we were about to go to Pyrgos, I turned around – and saw a comrade with whom I could not help but take a picture. On this day, he became an Instagram star because he was shamelessly chewing my bouquet.

When we arrived at Pyrgos, the wind there was stunning in the truest sense of the word. To make it clearer – attach a couple of frames from the video.

Even my very narrow dress almost served as an analogue of the Umbrella Mary Poppins. I didn’t hear almost anything that Vyacheslav and Seryozha shouted at us, communicated with gestures. In general, only thanks to the professionalism of the photographer and videographer, we can admire the beautiful shots, and not the flying newlyweds and parts of their image.

After Pyrgos we said goodbye to Olga and Vyacheslav, and Seryozha took us to the Milos restaurant, for which a separate pile of thanks, because he had to go the other way.

Although our wedding was without guests, we received a gift. In the restaurant, a couple of Italians sitting next door congratulated us and presented us with a bottle of champagne. It was crazy. Tired but pleased, we went to the hotel, where we sat on the balcony, shared our impressions and discussed the plan to move to another hotel. Another life and another, new story began.

Briefly about wizards

For those who do not want to look for useful information in a pile of letters, separately write contractors. I can in good conscience advise everyone together and individually. The work was well-coordinated and completely inconspicuous. I got answers to all my questions. It is especially valuable that in case of unforeseen situations and misunderstandings, everyone, absolutely everyone, went to meet and agreed with all my cockroaches. It’s priceless.

Organizer – Yulia Veselova

Stylist – Yulia Popova

Photographer – Sergei Drobotenko

Videographer – Olga and Vyacheslav Toka

Playground – Villa Irini

Hotel – Smaro Studios

Special thanks to the godmother of our ceremony Ksusha. It was she who convinced me that everything was real. And another Ksusha,who told everything and a little more in the most difficult moment of choosing hotels.

And, of course, my huge love and gratitude flies brides of 2017, with whom we were able to become a team in this forum, shared all the subtleties and doubts and rejoiced for each other more than for themselves: Olga, Nastya, Veronica, Ksusha,Julia, Lena and Masha,my you Together we became a force.

Marriages are made in heaven, and on Santorini!

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