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This day was easy and fun!

This day was easy and fun!
Elizabeth and Paul

I doubted for a long time that I wanted to get from the wedding I was swayed from side to stront, my husband was categorically against the wedding with a lot of guests, competitions and restaurants) there was an idea to combine and rest and wedding and we began to pick up options ) agencies who are engaged in weddings abroad sea) I singled out two for myself and we went to a meeting)

The first meeting was with the agency N, where we talked more than the agent, after which I began to doubt, but a day later we met with Yulya, and after this meeting I had no doubt that I wanted a wedding on Santorini!

Julia was so inspired by this trip and the behavior of the event itself that it was impossible to wait, but there was food ahead for half a year

I consider myself an irresponsible person who unwinds everything to the last, so Julia collected me in a heap and did not give me a relax)))

Everything was ready long before the wedding and so we flew with a calm soul to a beautiful island!)))

This day was easy and fun!
We were as comfortable as possible!
Memories for life !
We’re very grateful to you.

Marriages are made in heaven, and on Santorini!

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